Handy tips

Father christmas
  Behind the Blue Honour Line  
It's one of the biggest days of the year in South Australia. Here are some handy tips to ensure your visit to the Credit Union Christmas Pageant is a breeze!

Before you make your way to town, study the 2014 pageant route when it becomes available so you know where to go when you arrive. To get the best spots, you'll need to arrive early. Make sure you bring some food and drinks (especially for the children) and locate the nearest toilets.  

Top Tips for Pageant Day

• DO be sun smart and Slip, Slop, Slap
• DO bring plenty of water
• DO use public transport
• DO let children to the front near the Blue Honour line
• DO write your mobile number on your child’s arm in case they become lost
• DO download the Pageant smart phone app for the full float list and new route map

For everyone’s safety please

• DON’T bring ladders, scaffolding or pop-up shelters to put up along the route
• DON’T bring your BBQ
• DON’T smoke near children
• DON’T set your blankets up at intersections until the roads are closed

Most of all, have fun!

Credit Union Crew Cars
Credit Union Crew Cars are stationed along the route on Pageant Day. Crew from People’s Choice Credit Union, Beyond Bank Australia, Credit Union South Australia and Police Credit Union have route information, sunscreen and chalk for those that have forgotten theirs! They also have free, fun giveaways for the young and young at heart. Check the 2014 route map in October for this year's locations.
Pageant program
The 2013 float list for the Credit Union Christmas Pageant is still available for downloading. Also available for downloading are the free 2013 smart phone apps for iPhone and Android to get the Pageant story, the complete float list, route information and family fun. Be sure to check the web site in October for the 2014 float list and smart phone apps.

We'd love you to follow us on facebook and remember to tag us #cupageant.   
Safe viewing
The Blue Honour Line is a pageant tradition and the key to a successful and safe event. We ask everyone to stay behind the Blue Honour Line to give our performers plenty of room and for everyone's safety.

We love it when the little people get the best seats in the house (up the front behind the blue line) and if the adults stand behind them, everyone should be happy!

If you wish to sit while watching the Credit Union Christmas Pageant we suggest you bring rugs, cushions or low chairs (some folding chairs can interfere with other people's view of the pageant). If you do set up a chair, make sure you leave room for the children in front of you. They don't take up much room but they are the pageant's biggest fans and deserve the best view!
  Big crowds  
Sun safety
Don't forget to apply plenty of sunscreen before you go out in the sun to allow it time to protect your skin. Make sure you reapply throughout the day. Remember, you can still get burnt, even if it is cloudy and overcast.
If it's warm, be sun smart and wear sensible, light coloured, cool clothing and a hat. Cancer Council SA recommends protecting the skin in five ways when the UV level is 3 and above:

• Slip on sun protective clothing
• Slop on SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen
• Slap on a shady hat that protects the face, neck and ears
• Seek shade. There are plenty of good, shady locations along the pageant route and with the pageant finish at approximately 11.30 am, it’s possible to be off the streets by the middle of the day before the UV reading is highest
• Slide on close fitting sunglasses

Take lots of water with you. Take a cooler bag or freeze some water bottles the night before.

Missing persons
The best way to prepare for pageant day and ensure that no one goes missing is to have a plan. Arrange a pre-determined meeting place and time to meet in case you get separated. Make this plan known to all members of your party/family.

Write a parent/guardian/carer’s mobile phone number on your child's arm with a washable ink so that police and emergency services can make contact and reunite you/guardian/carer with your child. Or visit a Credit Union Crew Car for an "I'm a Credit Union Christmas Pageant kid" wristband - contact phone numbers can easily be written on the band.

A parent, guardian or carer should make sure they know what their child/charge is wearing, so a detailed description can be given to police and emergency services to help locate the child/charge if they become lost. Introduce your child/charge to or point out the nearest police officer on the pageant route so they know who to go to if they lose sight of you.

There is a large police presence on Credit Union Christmas Pageant day. In the unfortunate event that you should lose someone and are not promptly reunited, please contact the nearest police officer or go to the police stations at either 26 Hindley Street, 60 Wakefield Street or 1 Angas Street to file a "missing person" report.
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