How can I volunteer?
There are volunteer positions available to the general public in all sorts of areas including helping behind the scenes with driving floats, makeup, marshalling, water distribution and helping out on the day.

Keep in mind that some of the roles are age dependent or require specific skills. You would be most welcome to volunteer. Please send your contact info and a brief description of any useful skills, experience or area of interest to
Who gets to be in the Credit Union Christmas Pageant?
Credit Union staff play the roles of the pageant characters, bands play on a rotation system so we are happy to receive enquiries from bands, performance groups are selected to suit pageant needs. On occasions we receive great ideas from performance groups and if they fit our artistic directional needs there is a chance you might be asked to participate.
How can I be a part of the pageant?
There are a number of ways to be a part of the Credit Union Christmas Pageant including volunteering, but to be a character in the pageant you generally need to work at one of the sponsoring credit unions (or be a friend or family member).

Occasionally there are competitions that enable credit union members or the general public to get involved; for example, every year we run the "Win the ride of a lifetime" competition on the pageant website. Our media partners also tend to run competitions to win positions. Keep an eye on theirs and the pageant website for competitions. Good luck!
What time does the pageant start and finish?
The pageant starts at the corner of South Terrace and King William Street at 9.30am and winds its way through the streets of Adelaide, finishing at the landing stage at David Jones at approx 11.20am.       
When will the pageant be on TV?
The 2013 Credit Union Christmas Pageant was broadcast on Channel 9 (Adelaide) on Saturday 9 November at 10.30am. The details for the broadcast of the 2014 Credit Union Christmas Pageant will be available closer to the event. Watch this space!


When is the Credit Union Christmas Pageant held each year?
The pageant is traditionally held the second Saturday of November unless it falls on Remembrance Day (11 November) and then it moves to the Saturday before or after the 11th, depending on the year. In 2014, it will be held on Saturday 8th November from 9.30am.


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