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Clowns trumpeting in 2010
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>The theme for the 2013 Credit Union Christmas Pageant was "Everybody's Welcome"

> In 2012, the Credit Union Christmas Pageant was 80 years young.

> In 2012, there were 4 brand new floats and a makeover of 2 crowd favourites. The pageant was led by 80 drumming candles.

> The theme for the 2012 event was "It's going to be big".

> The 2011 event attempted and was successful in securing a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing red noses. Due to the Credit Union Pageant Trail being held in October, there was no Guinness attempt in 2012.

> Over 120 talented artists apply make-up to more than 1000 characters between 6.30am and 9am on Pageant Day.

> Allianz Insurance provide over 1800 breakfasts to pageant characters and volunteers on pageant day.

> It takes 15 trucks to transport costumes, shapes, heads, bikes and props to Pulteney Grammar, the starting point, the day before the pageant.

> It takes over 240 boxes of tissues and 70 jars of make-up remover to remove characters’ make-up each year.
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> The first pageant in 1933 had eight floats and four bands. The 2012 Credit Union Christmas Pageant had 63 floats and 16 bands plus nine walking sets, 11 dance groups, one DJ and three choirs.

> 1200 litres of petrol is used on pageant day and 165 batteries are loaned from Exide Batteries to operate the mechanical features and sounds of floats.

> From the week after the pageant until Christmas Eve, well over 3000 pieces of costume are washed, ironed and placed in plastic bags for storage ready for the next year.

> More than 50 litres of washing liquid, 18 cans of starch, six bottles of bleach and 400 litres of distilled water is used to clean the costumes each year.

> Costume fittings are held over an 8-week period. Costumes are transported to credit union offices during this period. On fitting days, wardrobe staff fit one costume every five minutes.

> Rehearsals for all the characters in the pageant are held over five weeks in the lead-up to the big day.

> In 2013, over 3500 volunteers worked hard on the pageant to ensure that everyone had a fun and happy day.


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