Route map

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant started at the corner of King William Street and South Terrace in Adelaide.

The Pageant meandered through the city from 9.30am, with Father Christmas arriving on North Terrace at about 11.30am.

You can download a printable copy of the 2015 route map here.

SA Water

SA Water has a long history of supplying drinking water at the Credit Union Christmas Pageant to ensure a safe and enjoyable day for participants and spectators. 

In an effort to reduce plastic wastage and the need for bottled water, SA Water produced 20,000 refillable drink bottles featuring their mascot and storybook character Captain Plop for the 2015 event. The bottles were given away for free and can be kept and enjoyed for many years to come by pageant spectators. 

SA Water staff were on hand to fill the bottles with water from one of our Quench Benches or hydration stations at Wright Street, Victoria Square (southern end), Wakefield Street, Hindmarsh Square and North Terrace (near Kintore Ave). All of the water refill locations were marked on the route map.

SA Water launched their first Quench Bench in 2013, a specially-designed mobile trailer that can connect to a mains water supply and supply drinking water to people at large community events. Due to demand for the Quench Bench at community events there are now three in operation across the State. 

The 2016 Pageant route may be different to the one displayed here as the route is reviewed each year.