Pageant Director Brian Gilbertson
  Counting down to the pageant  
What an incredible day for the 2013 Credit Union Christmas Pageant! It turned out to be Pageant perfect weather for the 81st year of the Credit Union Christmas Pageant.

Temperatures were around 16C during the Pageant and performance energy from all characters, dancers, bands and clowns was in overdrive. There were some lovely moments for me personally during this Pageant. The pre-Pageant performances attracted about 600 young performers, opening the event to even broader community involvement. The performances worked beautifully in their first year and our student placement from Flinders University, Leah Pullen, did a fantastic job in planning this event. The slight change to the Pageant route due to the development of Victoria Square ran smoothly and the public lining the blue honour line were in great spirits. It's the public that create that magical energy through the streets of Adelaide on Pageant morning and I could feel their energy as they waited for the celebration to come.

Thank you to SAFM and Sony for bringing Samantha Jade to the Pageant this year as our first celebrity performer. Samantha sang her hit song "What you've done to me" and the Australian National Anthem just before the start of the Pageant, then waved and blew kisses to the 320,000 audience from "Swinging on a Star." At the end of it all Samantha thought "it was so magical, I felt like a Christmas Angel." Thank you Samantha who flew in to Adelaide especially for the Pageant.

The new floats and dance groups looked fantastic. Cockroaches in the Pageant with the "Little Red Riding Hood" float were indeed a first. "Professor Fizz and her Kaotic Kontraptions" was full of movement, colourful and totally Krazy! It was a great choice by Father Christmas to appoint Rudolph as head of North Pole Lolly inventory. He looked soooo happy on "Rudolph's Christmas Lolly Trolley." Our new puppets, "Twinkle and Boots" also had a wonderful time. Their presence added puppetry to the many theatrical forms within the Pageant and the children were mesmerised by their presence. Casey Van Heuven would have been proud of his winning mini float "Ringo - North Pole Hotline". Thank you David Blight and Kari Lindsay for your beautiful float designs and artistic skills and working with the Pageant team to bring these new additions to life.

Thank you to the many volunteers, performers, our State Emergency Services, Credit Union staff and management at People's Choice, Beyond Bank, Credit Union SA and Police Credit Unions and to Events South Australia staff and the core Pageant team for their great work during the year and on Pageant day.

Thank you also to Father Christmas for once again coming to South Australia for this great event. He says he wouldn't miss it for the world and agrees with Queen Natalie's observation that "being part of the Pageant experience opens your eyes to how much fun and love there is in Adelaide."

The 81st year of the Pageant will be remembered as a great Pageant full of colour and lots of energy. We are very busy with our preparations for this year's Pageant, so we look forward to seeing you all on the 8th November. Bring your smiles and waves when we will once more come together in the spirit of Christmas and goodwill. I hope that spirit lives within us right through the year until we meet again.

With love and best wishes to you all from the Credit Union Christmas Pageant team.
  Father Christmas  
Brian Gilbertson
Pageant Manager and Creative Director 
Credit Union