2018 Pageant Royal Family

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant Royal Family has been a tradition for over 70 years. The process of selecting a Pageant Queen began in 1939 to help with wartime fundraising.

This year the Credit Union Christmas Pageant has partnered with the Credit Unions to appoint our Royal Family. 

Get to know the 2018 Royal Family below, and see the official announcement here.


The Credit Union Christmas Pageant Queen

Katrina Edwards, Beyond Back Australia

Queen Katrina is what some may call a Credit Union Christmas Pageant veteran with the 2018 event being her 20th Pageant. “In my 20th year, I am very honoured to be selected as Pageant Queen. The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is a part of who I am, my family and friends all know how much I enjoy the Pageant and how lucky I am to be able to give back to our community,” said Queen Katrina. 

Queen Katrina's treasures the Credit Union Christmas Pageant as an iconic part of South Australian history, and has always marked the occasion by putting up her Christmas tree the very next day.

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant King

Brandon Kelly, Police Credit Union

King Brandon will experience participating in his first Credit Union Christmas Pageant in 2018, albeit as the King no less! Brandon remembers watching the Pageant as a kid and seeing Father Christmas for the very first time, so of course Father Christmas is his favourite float!

“It is an honour and privilege to be crowned King, especially in my first Pageant,” said King Brandon. King Brandon believes Royals should be king, giving and caring, always bringing a smile into someone's life.

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant Princesses

Princess Jaye Hurley, People's Choice Credit Union

Princess Kate Swann, Credit Union SA

Princess Julia Blanka, Police Credit Union

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant Princes

Prince Cameron Forster, People's Choice Credit Union

Prince Roy Walton, Beyond Bank Australia

Prince Fred Storbeck, Credit Union SA

Get to know our Pageant Queen, King, Princesses and Princes here.