Hi to all of our Credit Union Christmas Pageant fans,

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant took place on Saturday 12 November 2016 and was one of the most energised Pageants I have seen.

Thank you to the characters who breathed so much life into their roles, truly creating the world of magic and wonder we are seeking to deliver.

Behind the scenes ran smoothly and the new organisational operations went extremely well. Thank you to all of the volunteers and team leaders.

There was the threat of some bad weather but it passed to the north of the city and after a shower at 9am, Robert Keogh, Chair, Credit Union Christmas Pageant Company, blew the gold starter whistle under a blue sky that stayed with us to the end.

Jolly and Jingles had a great time escorting Channel 9's Jessica Braithwaite through the Pageant and together with the Royal Family welcomed Father Christmas to Adelaide on stage where three members of the Australian Matilda cast entertained the North Terrace crowds, before he entered the Magic Cave at David Jones.

It was a very strong crowd of 260,000 who attended in spite of the weather, and they were treated to a great show. And so, with great joy, and a tinge of sadness now that it's over, we put the Pageant to bed at Stardust Castle and continue preparations for the 2017 Credit Union Christmas Pageant. 

Please keep in touch through our social media channels. If you are a Pageant tragic like all of us here at Stardust Castle, make sure you order your copy of the 2016 DVD and the new, Limited Edition Wrapping Paper.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 18 November when we will celebrate 85 years of this magnificent event.

Brian Gilbertson 

Credit Union Christmas Pageant Creative Director

2016 Brian Gilbertson Credit Union Christmas Pageant Creative Director